Hiking in the neighborhood

By Shaun Cruze

February 24th 2021

Does your neighborhood have a trail surrounding it or close by? Most neighborhoods in Reno Nevada and probably the majority of new developments in cities across the United States have trails between, through or around them. This is a huge benefit to take advantage of to improve your overall health. There are many benefits to these neighborhood trails but I would like to point out a few of them.

The first benefit to these types of trails are ease of use and access. For most of these types of trails, it is extremely easy to access sometimes just a few houses down there is a gate or access trail. These trails are also normally well maintained so they have nice smooth surfaces to hike and enjoy. They also are close to your house so you do not have to drive to them and park a car to start your hike. Ease of use on these types of trails make hiking extremely convenient so get out and get started.

Another great benefit of the neighborhood trail is the cost effectiveness of hiking. There is not any special types of hiking gear required other than a decent pair of comfortable shoes. The cost of getting to this type of hiking is also minimal because you can normally hike right to the start of the trail and there are not any fees to get there or take the hike. If you are looking for a low-cost healthy way to exercise hiking in your neighborhood meets the requirement.

The last benefit of neighborhood hiking that I think of is connection. The connection to a neighborhood makes for a safe hike. If you run into any trouble, there are several houses and probably many people nearby on the trail. Hiking on this type of trail minimizes the probability of criminal activity and the seriousness of any medical issue that could arise simply because people are around. The other connection is seeing people and being able to smile and say hi brightening your day and hopefully fellow hikers.

There are many reasons to get out hike in your neighborhood some of these listed are just a few. So get outside, explore and start to enjoy the benefits of hiking in your own neighborhood. If you need some ideas for hikes in the Reno area check out https://www.reno.gov/government/departments/parks-recreation-community-services/parks-trails/reno-trails

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