Hiking and keeping Earth healthy

You do not have to hike to want to keep your world clean and healthy; but if you hike, I beg you to do your part to keep our world healthy. Why does it matter if you keep our world clean and healthy when hiking? There are a couple of reasons why I think it is important; one we should all live by the rule of leave no trace and the other reason is that if we do not take care of the trails we could lose access. The main thing to consider when hiking is to take care of your hiking trail so you and your world can stay healthy.

I read an article earlier this week that talked about a trail that is trashed near Phoenix Arizona. While I have not seen anywhere near, the level of disregard to our trails in northern Nevada I worry about what could happen with overpopulation and similar attitudes to our beautiful scenery here. There could be a correlation to amount of people using an area and level of destruction to natural habitat, however if everyone would follow the same rules of leave no trace our hiking trails can remain relatively pristine for decades to come. Everyone that hikes should take into consideration the joy of unscathed hikes when they set out on their hike.

Growing up in the military, I have had many opportunities to train in many different areas. One of my senior enlisted leaders always use to say “Ladies and gentlemen we will leave this training area better than we found it” so while that meant lots of extra brass collecting and sweeping, it made an everlasting impression on me. I am not asking you to bring a rake or a broom with you to smooth your path after you hike, all I am asking is to clean up after yourself. If you bring something with you on your hike bring it out with you unless it is your bad attitude, you can leave your bad attitude on the hike. We as hikers can do so much to make our world around us better there is no reason to make it worse.

Photo by: U.S. Army Tue, 03/12/2019 – 13:37

Go out and hike the beautiful areas around you but clean up after yourself! Keep our world and yourself healthy.

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