Hiking and conversations

There are many articles on hiking conversations; some of the topics are hiking related, some are funny and others are more serious. When hiking with another person or group, which is a good idea there will be time for conversation. The topic of the conversation will differ based on the person or group hiking with you. Conversation is an important part of our everyday lives and that is not different when hiking. Normally when I hike with someone the conversation is mostly focused on the hike and the beautiful surroundings, but there is time for other topics as well.

Hiking with a significant other is a great time to catch up everything that is going on in your lives. We are mostly too busy to take time to really talk and listen to each other in this busy world. Hiking allows anywhere from an hour to several hours to have great conversation. This is probably not the time to bring up any super serious topics where you are face to face having an in-depth conversation. Topics to discuss with your significant other during a hike should include all the things that you would discuss on date night or around the dinner table after a long day. Other topics to discuss include plans for vacations or other hikes to plan or other activities you enjoy together. Hiking with your significant other provide great opportunities to connect through conversation.  

Children are also great hiking partners and taking the time to spend with them provides a great opportunity for conversations. Having uninterrupted time with children in the outdoors is scarce so use the time wisely and listen to what they have to say. Let them explore the outdoors with you and they will ask questions about the outdoors and life. This opening of time with children will provide paths for them to tell you about what is going on in their lives and allow them to ask questions in an unencumbered setting.

Conversations with friends during hikes probably takes place more than any other group probably because that is whom we hike with the most. This group is where the conversations can be the most diverse and the most silly or the most serious. When hiking with your friend the conversation might be about the hike or the hike you did last week or something completely off subject. You might get into a conversation about who the best football team is or how horrible that latest show on Netflix is. Conversations with your good friend while hiking might also open the door to a serious topic such as addiction or depression. Just as the serious topic with the significant other might be better across the table, hiking might be the best place to have a serious conversation with a friend.

Get outdoors with any of these great people and have wonderful conversation.

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